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I love that Claire’s work makes use of discarded maps and pages from out of date atlases, allowing her paper cut birds to fly through urban landscapes. 

Location: London | Hometown: I grew up in a town called Sleaford in Lincolnshire, but have lived in London for so long that I think of there as home.

Day job: Part time office manager of an Architects Practice

Did you study art, if so where, and what was the most useful skill you learnt?

To know when to stop

What’s your workspace like?  

A bit messy and not quite big enough

Is there a specific piece or series of your work which means the most to you for any reason?   

The first paper cuts I made about 10 years ago are very special, I don’t still have any and the only photos I have are a bit blurry so they live in my memory. They are special as they were the start of the journey that has taken me to where I am now.

Have you ever looked back at your childhood art? What was it like?

I still have some, I have a scrap book I made when I was about 5, I was very obsessed by kittens and saucepans!

Do you ever suffer from a creative block, and how do you overcome it?

I don’t like to think of it as a block as its part of the creative process to have periods when you don’t make work and when you do. I find its good to have times where my focus is outside the studio, visiting exhibitions or museums, watching movies, you never know where inspiration will strike.

Are there any artists who inspire your work?

Yes lots – Robert Rauschenburg, Louise Bourgeois, Rob Ryan, Susan Stockwell, to name but a few

If we were to visit your town, where would you recommend we go?

There are so many – Tate Modern is a must, a long with a walk by the river, you see the best of London there I think. A visit to the East, to the galleries there and the great cafes and markets, a walk to the top of Parliament hill where you can look down on the whole of London.

It’s really cold here at the moment, what’s your favourite hot drink?

Well I was a peppermint tea addict until recently and now I’m getting into white tea and also Verbena tea.


Website: www.clairebrewster.co.uk / Twitter: @clairebrewster / Anything else: You can also find me on Facebook

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